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The Uninvited Visitor

Topics Comedy

A Dark Comedy

Run time 13 minutes 43 seconds
Producer Jerel Damon, Robert Quigley, Max Graham
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: splue - - June 16, 2011
Subject: very kewl!!
i rly enjoyed this indie production! + I guessed that was Quiggy b4 the credits rolled!!! Sort of reminds me of some David Lynch-type scenarios/ vry surreal/eerie/ was this based on a true story??

looking 4ward 2 more of these!!
Reviewer: The_Master_Cylinder - - June 16, 2011
Subject: So-so
Slightly enjoyable. Decent camera work. The choice of music was peculiar. The actor playing Max has a future. The guy playing the detective should seek another line of work, but that may be the director's fault.
Reviewer: jeffzkrazie - - June 16, 2011
Subject: Oh good Lord
Sorry to the man Upstairs for saying his name in vein, but good God this is a travesty!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Blade_Runner - - June 15, 2011
Subject: Rotten Amateur film
Whoa, I just watched the movie and it is really terrible. Who ever played the detective should probably go into a different line work. I think crossing guard or gravedigger might be more appropriate.

I'm actually glad it was only 13 minutes, in fact I think a better director could have told the same story in about 30 sec.


To Meatpies

I don't think I have to justify myself to someone who likes blatantly racist cartoons like Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat (1941). Yeah I saw your comment.
Reviewer: The_Surreal_Critic - - June 15, 2011
Subject: This is lousy un-fundamental Crap!
Wow, I lost 13 minutes of my life for this? Who in the hell is that detective guy? He sounds like Peter Lorre but acts like Pee-wee Herman! Somebody needs to get in-touch with the guys from MST3K so they could spoof this! LMAO!
Reviewer: Masterpiece_Theater - - June 15, 2011
Subject: This is below the barrell
Yes it is a low budgeted production, and yes there is a message to this "short film" but it does not deliver the message in the way that it should. I have been directing "short films" for over 30 years and this is very badly done TAKE MY WORD for it.
Reviewer: Meatpies - - June 15, 2011
Subject: To Blade Runner...
Seriously? WTF is wrong with you? Okay, I can understand if you didn't like the film, but to leave a review as absolutely childish as that was completely unnecessary.

Many people upload films that they have done, some are good, some are not so good. But you have the choice, as we all do, to think about what you type before typing it.

Trust me, I thought about every word I'm typing now, and this is the best and most adult way I can word this.

Did it not occur to you that the person who uploaded this just might be one of the actors in the film? Take a good look at what you do in life and ask yourself if you would like someone to critique what you do in the same manner you have just done.

Personally, I like this particular film. Yes, it's not professionally done, but it never claims to be a big budget production. I personally enjoy the message, and proud to be friends with the gentleman who plays the detective. I'm proud of his work, and the man he is. I am honored to be considered his friend and "little sister".

I certainly hope that when karma comes back around, I'm nowhere near where you are.
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